He Shoots, He Scores...
He Knocks Him Out

That referee needs glasses!
It was an ordinary day at the hockey rink... until...

Get Your Squeegee Kid Off My Street!
"I've decided to turn punk!"
Are squeegee kids a danger on the streets?

She Stole My Husband!
Love just happens!
They worked close together... very close...

Old Woman
The old woman lay lifeless in a pool of blood... “Chief, we know who did it. But how do we get a confession?

Triple Stress
So your job got a little difficult...” Is there a limit how much work a boss can load on his employee?

Dracula Lives On
Your blood sucking days are over!” Is this the end of Dracula?

Get That Cop Out of my Trash
A lady just paid me $3000 in cash... something's fishy.” A bombshell beauty loaded with cash... and cocaine?

The Guilty Egg Sandwich
My stomach is killing me...
I should have had the tuna!