Advertising Opportunities

You! be the Judge creates magic between viewers and the sponsor. Viewers are being told that their opinion is as valid as that of the lawyers and the judges. This empowerment translates into trust and confidence in the sponsor. Law societies have even categorized You! be the Judge as a "public service"!

You can customize the video content by choosing from our vast range of topics and styles and using our Matchmaker Advertising. Fun irreverent ads can be created for the sponsor using a video character as a pitchman. And of course, product placement is a natural.

Newspaper readers have been enjoying the You! be the Judge column for more than 18 years.

Finally, we hit the screen!

Madcap, over-the-top comedy and musical sketches based on actual court cases combining the sitcom, the courtroom drama, and the whodunit. You’ll laugh! And you’ll learn!

You want to be a sponsor?

Right this way, if you please...


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