Advertising With You! Be the Judge


Publisher and Readership Testimonials

"Our readers read You! Be The Judge before they do the crossword puzzle, and before they read their horoscope."

"Two things I read first in the paper: the comics and You! Be the Judge."

"I can't wait to read the next week's column."


Sample Ads and Advertising Choices

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Business Billboard
The Biz Billboard was already in place when Publisher Roly Nilsson plunked You! Be the Judge right in the middle and then asked – and got – close to a 30% position premium!


Money Making Double-Truck Combo
Position your Business and Professional Page opposite the You! Be the Judge column. It won’t take long before the column's heavy traffic of readers spills over to the Business and Professional Page and makes it the hottest page to advertise – and the most profitable.
Multiple Advertisers
Sole Sponsor with Surrounding Ads
Political Advertising
Very few papers have discovered its revenue possibilities.


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