You! be the Judge “Google-Style” Matchmaker Advertising

Easy to Sell, Easy to Administer, Easy to Make Money!

Match the advertiser’s business to the “content category” of the column.

The advertiser can buy as few as 7 ads for the entire year.
The paper can sell up to 52 full pages of advertising – in a matter of weeks!

– Let Us Take you Through the Simple Administration, the Simple Sell, the Simple Way to Make Money

Easy to Administer

The You! be the Judge Column: A Powerful Readership Magnet

"Get Those Cops Out of My Trash!"

"I HATE Cell Phones!"

"Fired For Being Honest"

"Don't Touch That Football!"

Here is a sample Excel List of 52 weeks of columns.

7 Consumer Columns 7 Criminal Columns 6 Employment Columns 7 Family Columns 6 Insurance Columns
6 Personal Injury Columns 6 Technology Columns 6 Will Columns

Easy to Sell

Click here for matching advertisers (In Excel)

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