Using the Local Paper

Letters To The Editor

Students can "write a letter" to the editor commenting on the case of the week. Hopefully one is chosen for publication. Perhaps someone from the public will debate the student's stance developing a healthy interaction between the school and community.

Analyzing Writing Styles

Each student selects their favorite newspaper columnist, identifies the style and personality (conservative, old school, fun and off-the-wall, warm and sensitive etc). Taking on that persona, the student comments on a chosen You! Be The Judge case. Students can read the column aloud and the class guesses the columnist.


Students study the appeal of headliners in the newspaper. What headline would they write for a You! Be The Judge case? Compare. Contrast. Does it deserve the front page?

Cartoon/Comic Strip

Study the editorial cartoons of the day. Select a You! Be The Judge case that could be "the talk of the town". Student draws a carton for editorial page based on case. Comic Strip: Student designs a comic strip from a You! Be The Judge case.

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