You! Be the Judge Multimedia Package - Complete Classroom Program


An Overview

“You!Be taught me what I think matters!”


Lesson Plan - The Opinions, The Listening, The Creative Solutions.

For Mainstream Middle and High Schools and for ESL and SSL.


Supplementary ESL Lesson Plan - The Idiomatic Expressions, Script Writing, Acting

...Sample ESL Class Procedure


Online Interaction

The You! Be the Judge in the Classroom program does not have to stay in the classroom - the students can interact at home with each other or community experts through the online forums offered.


Teaching Aids

Sample Column and Questions

Click here for a sample column.

Click here for sample questions to go with the column above.

Teachers' Forums

Click here to find out how teachers from across the country can interact with each other.


Video Creation and Acting - in the Classroom or in the School's Multimedia and Drama Program

The students can work in groups to create their own video on a You! Be the Judge script which we will provide on request, using the video from the package as a springboard. These videos can be judged in a school-organized contest.


Optional Activities

Some sample extended activities that can be implemented in a You! Be the Judge lesson are also available.



Using the Local Paper

There are many ways to implement the local paper into the You! Be the Judge program.

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