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Column Content Choices for the Multimedia Package

You! be the Judge Columns have been published in papers across North America for the past 16 years. They are based on actual court cases from around the world combining the sitcom, courtroom drama and the whodunit. The Columns for the Classroom have been chosen specifically for their subject matter which delves into underlying issues and societal pressures that touch all teenagers. The greater range of subject matter available to teachers can be checked out by clicking 14 areas of law.

Entertainment, Gaming

Do Violent Video Games Kill?

Personal Injury
School, Bullying

The Bullying Destroyed Me!

Competition Pressure

Tennis Dad Kills for Victory

Divorce, Custody, Health

A Heavy Smoker at 8 Years Old?

Sexual Harassment

Keep Your Hands on the Pizza!

Human Rights, Defamation, Internet

Unmask That Blogger!

Personal Injury
Peer Pressure, College Fraternity

Hazed to Death?

Drugs, Teen Stereotypes

My Teen Dresses Like A Criminal!

School, Academic Competition

Teacher Is Sued Over Self-Esteem!

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